Cleaning company for the Brixton area

Our company strives to provide the greatest of quality when it comes to cleaning services.

For the entire Brixton area our vetted technicians will do their best to give you an outstanding customer experience. All this at an affordable price.

For when it comes to benefits we as a company offer a great deal:

Brixton Cleaning


  • Availability to work on bank holidays and weekends.
  • 24/7 customer support- there will always be someone to take your call and answer your questions.
  • Flexible booking slots that let you choose when you want us at your property.
  • Affordable prices combined with our great discounts.



So if you wish that a team of trained and motivated professionals to work for you. Then please give us a call at {phone_number} and we will be right on the way.



Our Company provides a lot of different services. All of them despite many are of the highest quality available. Our technicians have all gone trough an extensive training. With their help, we are certain that you will be left satisfied with the end result.



All the materials that the company uses are eco-friendly, pet and child-friendly. The equipment that is technicians deal with is  with the required standard of the tasks at hand.


Variety of provided services

From Steam cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery. To regular cleaning for domestic and office purposes we provide it with all. With our dry cleaning methods. We make sure that your upholsteries, rugs and carpets which do not work well with water will be cleaned and left in a sparkling condition.

All our services are dependable on what kind material and on what our technicians have to work.

For example. If the material has no problems with water like an upholstery. Then we suggest the Upholstery steam cleaning service.

In this service, our technicians will first inspect the fibres. This is to determine what kind of detergent can they use. When that is done they will pour hot or cold water inside the special steam cleaning machine. And wait for it to reach the required temperature. While this happens the technicians will first apply the required detergents. This is done on all the high traffic areas, dirt patches and stains. When the machine is ready to be used they will begin injecting the steam inside the upholstery. There the steam combines with all the dirt, grime and detergents. All this is then sucked out with the help of the steam cleaning machine. Keep in mind that this happens simultaneously so it takes as little time as possible. The downside is that it requires up to 3 hours to completely dry out the upholstery. The good part is that upon request our company is capable of providing an air moving machine. This will make the required time in half.


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So if you wish to hire a team of trained professionals or just ask a question make sure to give us a call at {phone_number}. With our 24/7 customer support, we will be always at your disposal.