Carpet Cleaning Experts

Brixton Cleaners Ltd. provides a high–quality carpet cleaning services for both your home or office needs. Working with some of the best people around. Our carpet cleaning company brings joy and happiness to all those who book our services.

  • Will answer your questions 24/7- no matter the day no matter the time, we will be there to help you.
  • Makes sure to only hire the best of the best- High trained and skilled professionals.
  • Is Able to work on bank holidays and weekends.
  • Has flexible booking slots – We will come when you need us there.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

It is more a refreshing service than a cleaning one so please keep in mind that it will not remove heavy stains.
Our technicians begin by vacuuming over the surface of the carpet. That way most of the bigger debris will be removed. When done they will inspect the carpet to determine from what materials it is made. This way only the proper detergents will be in use. All the dirt patches high traffic areas are then pre-treated with the detergents.
A high absorbing powder is distributed on the surface of the carpet.
A special machine with lots of tiny brushes is then used to scrub the powder deep into the fabrics of the carpet. There the powder will combine with the dirt and is later vacuumed off.

Carpet steam cleaning

A special steam producing machine is being brought for this service. Our certified technicians begin their job by pouring hot or cold water in the machine. While it reaches the required temperatures they will remove all furniture that is in their way. After pre-treating all the high-traffic areas and dirt patches. They will inject the carpet with steam under high pressure. With the injection, the water from the carpet is being sucked out as well. The entire procedure lasts for around 30 to 40 minutes. It takes around 3 hours for the carpets to completely dry out. This time can be shortened if a window Is opened or upon request, a special air drying machine is brought for use.