Regular Cleaning – 365/7!

Brixton Cleaners Ltd. specialises in bringing expert regular cleaning services. They are suitable for both your residential and office needs. Our vetted cleaners will do everything in their power to bring only the highest of quality services for the entire Brixton area. So if you want to hire a team of trained professionals. Then please give us a call and we will send a time right away. The benefits our company offers are not to be discarded:

  • Daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly regular cleaning services.
  • No extra charge for weekends and bank holidays
  • No need for deposit or a minimal payment.
  • There is a no minimum session requirement.

Provided Services

The regular cleaning service can take place on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. For the most effect if most areas are somewhat cleaned our cleaners will spend their time improving as much space as possible.
All our services can either supply or be supplied from the client.
If we are to supply then all the detergents that are going to be used will be Eco-Friendly. That way we can ensure that they will not only be gentle to the surroundings but also pet and child safe. But keep in mind that this service is additionally charged.

Our experienced cleaners can and will hover your house and clean all the windows. Keep in mind thought that this applies only to the inside part of a window. Cleaning windows from the outside is not possible. In the kitchen, this service applies to cleaning ovens, microwaves, fridges, swiping the floor and more.

We also provide the ironing service, laundry sessions and more.
Upon request we can also do all kinds of housework from folding, hanging and organizing clothes in your wardrobe. To feed your pet cat or dog. Also if you request we can polish your silverware and water the plants. If you are moving out can help with boxing the luggage. This service is excellent for people with busy schedules. Those that do not usually have the time to do these daily tasks. As such our company also holds a Public liability and an Employers liability insurances.