Expert Rug Cleaning

Brixton Cleaners Ltd. provides excellent rug cleaning services. Our certified rug cleaners will do their very best when dealing with your rugs. For residential and office needs we provide all sorts of different cleaning services. Just give us a call at and we will send a team to help you out in the best way possible.With a list of benefits such as:

  • Having the pleasure of hiring insured and vetted technicians.
  • Great discounts if you book more than one service.
  • Flexible booking slots which include weekends and bank holidays.

Dry Cleaning

A method designed for the times when the material from which the rug is made does not work well with water. Meaning that its original form may get distorted or worse.
The service uses powder and sprays like products. Since no water can be used that means that most strong detergents are out of the question. So keep in mind that it is more a refreshing service than a cleaning one.
Our cleaning technicians begin by inspecting the materials that make the rug. Then they will apply only the needed detergents on the high traffic areas and dirt patches. After that, a special absorbing powder is being applied on the entire surface of the rug. Later a special machine with lots of tiny brushes scrubs the powder deep into the rug. Later all this is vacuumed and the procedure is complete.

Steam Cleaning

A high efficient steam cleaning machine is used for this method. Our technicians begin the process by examining the materials that make the rug. That way they can determine what detergents can be used for cleaning. They will then pour hot or cold water in the machine and give it some time for it to reach high enough temperatures. High- traffic areas, dirt patches and stains are pre-treated with detergents. Then the machine injects high pressurised steam inside the rug. The key to this procedure is that steam is simultaneously injected and extracted from the rug. That way all the dirt and grime are gone with it. Then after drying out, the rugs are again ready for use.